Following Your Own Path


IMG_7453It takes courage to follow a path that feels true to you. The support that one yearns for that brings added confidence and motivation is not always readily available. Yet, it is this time of year that we perhaps feel an urge to do things differently, as we now feel refreshed and stronger to make necessary changes. Springtime is here in the northern hemisphere- signifying rebirth and new growth. Many of us who have grown weary from a grueling snowy winter, greet spring’s arrival with enthusiasm. It is like the welcoming of a close friend to our doorstep.


We humans like to shed our heavy clothes and take out more colorful, lighter garments that reflect our more active and exuberant spirits. We sing as we clean our living spaces, discarding clutter and things we no longer need. Just as we might start to plan a garden, or watch as birds prepare their nests for eggs and new life…so we feel that same sense of something blossoming from within ourselves.



It is an optimal time of nature’s cycle to shed the “old” and start fresh. This sometimes means not just donating clothes to a local charity, but taking the time to “redirect” our compass if needed. Spring supports us in letting go of old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us; as well as thoughts that do not contribute to the lives we are meant to have. We had that long winter to incubate and ponder what changes need to be made. Are there unhealthy foods that I can stop eating to take better care of my body? Are there friends that I need to let go of in order to move forward on my path? Are there changes you can make in your “work” that will allow more fulfillment?



Mother Nature has a new exhibition of flowers and budding trees. There is a part of you that wants to emerge too… Spring forth! Listen to that small, still voice inside, and you will get an idea of what steps to take. Find that path that is uniquely yours to travel on…one step at a time.

The universe supports you, and so do I.


p.s. If there is joy in your heart, you are on your way to wonderful new experiences and opportunities!  :D







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What Is Love?

We are born from love, live our lives in love, and eventually return to love…..

.But what is love? Here is what a few first and second graders wrote about this subject. Such wise little beings…. :D

IMG_7445Love is when I have feelings for another person. I have feelings for my family and friends. I love my family and friends because they care about me. I have feelings for the world. I don’t like to see things getting hurt. I feel like I have feelings for everybody and everything. I don’t like to see anything die.

IMG_7448Love is when I care about someone alot. Love is when I feel peaceful. Love is when I take a walk in the forest. Love is when I sit with my family. Love is when I eat watermelon. Love is when I go to sleep.

IMG_7440Love is friendship and being nice to my friends. Love is being happy. Love is helping and being nice. Love is being good to people, places, and everything. Love is peace, niceness, and being good. Love is when you feel good inside your heart.

Love & Light, L

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A Jolly Jolly Soul

A Jolly Snowman

A Jolly Snowman

My mother loves snowmen. She was born in Bristol, Connecticut and had seen many snowstorms growing up as a young girl. She then attended college in Vermont where wintry weather could be harsh, relentless…and great for snowman-building. I am sure she enjoyed creating many snow people through the years.

Recently, my siblings and I sold our parents home in North Carolina. My dear father passed away a couple of years ago…my mom now happily resides in a care facility for people with Alzheimer’s. As we emptied the house, I considered saving sentimental objects that would remind me of my parents. There were books that my dad loved… beautiful embroideries that my mother had stitched. There were special plates, bird ornaments…but then there were the snowmen.

On the windowsill in the kitchen stood three. Not expensive, not very big, but each one exhibiting a perpetual smile. About the house was a decorative snowman lamp, snowman candle, a framed picture I had drawn of a snowman, a snowman plate, snowman globe…. but here were my mom’s little “treasures.”

I did acquire the snowman figurines. One now gazes at me from my desk. That frozen smile warms my heart. I understand my mom’s attraction to snowmen now. Snowmen are never sad, or angry, or worried. They are always happy and delighted to give you a loving, affectionate grin. They come into being through a state of playfulness and delight. Their existence is short-lived (depending on the weather conditions), yet they are a symbol of joy in the moment.

Our lives are longer than large melting snowballs. That means we have more “time” to choose happiness as our daily outlook.  :D

HAPPY WINTER!           IMG_7154


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A Walk In The Park

A bench for two.

A bench for two.



Who would you pick to join you if you could pick anyone? Something to ponder….What do you think you would like to talk about? Hmm…while enjoying the view of course.

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay


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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming… so the other day before I began an art lesson, I asked some young students in a kindergarten class to name things they were thankful for. Here were some of their responses: my mom, my dad, my baby sister, myself, my house, flowers, my dog, roller coasters, watermelon, macaroni & cheese, ambulances, fire trucks, bunk beds, trees, my friends, ipads, my bicycle, baseball, pandas, dolphins, airplanes, the sun, the world.

What are you thankful for? What comes quickly to your mind?

I will start. I am thankful for…

my children, extended family, grandbabies, friends, family, students I’ve known, my cats, divine guidance, feeling healthy, my laptop, a roof over my head, my artistic skills that bring me such enjoyment, people I’ve met who helped me to be more spiritually aware, my busy hands, my book project, creative inspirations, pink roses, having nutritious food to eat, all kinds of trees (especially mighty oaks), sunrises, kind people I meet, funny movies (like What About Bob? and Money Pit  :D), being optimistic, living near an ocean, living in California, national parks, birds of all kinds, having lived in Mt Shasta, all my road trips ( I love to drive), healing from health issues, my small feet that get me where I need to go, swimming with a dolphin in Hawaii, beautiful art, my education, always being near children and hearing their laughter, growing up in New England, my “former” life in CT, found pennies, the gift of song, believing in miracles as something ordinary, angels, golden opportunities, strawberries, libraries, happy dreams… this zany, wonderful life that’s getting more and more interesting….

OK, that is how I began.

Start your own thankful list and see what shows up.  :)

Enjoy the holiday with loved ones. Blessings!


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Inspirational Friends

thI was intrigued by her presence when we met for the first time at a neighbor’s picnic. During our chat, I learned she was a former teacher on the east coast. She had come to California sixteen years earlier by herself (“single” after being married a few times), to have the experience of living somewhere new. I was impressed with her intelligence, vitality, and most of all… passion for life. Reading, learning new things, and also politics have been her lifelong interests. She was involved in the Feminist movement years ago…and today committed to several “causes.” We enjoyed a lively conversation punctuated by her spontaneous remarks about how colorful and delicious the food tasted, or how beautiful the light was shining on flowers in the garden…

The fascinating fact is that “Fran” is ninety-six years “young”! :D She attributes her youthful energy to yoga every morning, an active social life, and… sex. YES, she has a man friend who is going to be one hundred shortly. (And, he recently passed his test at DMV to have his license renewed til he is one hundred and five!) I would like to meet him also. What an interesting pair! :D!

ageless, timeless, lace, and fineness...

ageless, timeless, lace, and fineness…

I took Fran out to dinner a few nights ago. It was primarily to get to know her a bit better. It happily evolved into a small belated birthday celebration with a few close friends who live in town joining in. And… who was the most stimulating conversationalist? Fran. “I really hope I live many more years,” she commented. “There is so much I still want to learn.”  :)

Wow! The hope of most teachers is to instill a passion for learning in their students. Perhaps that is a key to her ability to savor life—retaining that curiosity, excitement, and being engaged with life on all levels. What an honor to meet her just as I embark on “writing” the next chapter of my own life. I look forward to spending more time with this wise woman—a source of inspiration!

l’chaim (to life!)


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Hanging On


It is Autumn again…my how time moves on. It is my favorite time of year, however. I miss being on the east coast during October though. I spent many years looking forward to seeing the maple trees display their colors. Of course, playing in the piles of raked leaves was always fun as a child, and with my own children when they were younger. I took this photo in Sonoma, California where I was visiting in August. Some leaves were starting to turn already— this tree is related to the maples we have back east. So pretty.

I titled this piece Hanging On because I have been in that mode lately. We all have those days when life can seem very overwhelming. For me, last week I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious a couple of days about concerns over how I would pay for dental procedures, pay for the final stages of my book— proofreading and layout, etc, pay for doctor visits for my three feline friends… I have been working extremely hard… especially on my book and teaching five days, definitely need a vacation from my “problems.” (I look forward to my daughter visiting in a few weeks. We might go to a mineral spring for my birthday. yay!) Do you remember that line in one of my favorite movies? Dr. Leon Martin tells Bill Murray’s character in What About Bob to “take a vacation from your problems.” Ha!

“This too shall pass,” is another mantra I tell myself when “Hang on” doesn’t work fast enough. Things feel easier too, when one has had a good night sleep. I am like a little leaf though, just “hanging on” because I know that somehow the money I need will come through. I actually thought of a creative way to bring in the abundance that would ease my financial challenge, but I am still ruminating about this “campaign” idea of mine.

And, perhaps “hanging on” is not the best strategy. I could choose to just let go and allow Spirit to gift me with the next step.

This reminds me of a wise story. It goes like this. A man falls off a cliff, but is lucky to grab onto a branch on the way down. As he clings desperately to the branch which can’t possibly hold him much longer he calls out, “Help! Is anyone up there?” A voice answers saying it is God. The man asks God for help, and God tells the man to just let go and he will be fine. The man feels reluctant to do such a thing so instead responds by asking, “is there anyone else up there?” :D!

May joyful blessings “Fall” into your laps this season and always!


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